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Hello and thank you for visiting my page...

Since you are here I believe you are about to have a very special day in your life and you need me to capture your unique emotions.

I started my journey as a photographer 13 years ago when my daughter was born. She became the center of my world and the most precious diamond of the crown and because my memory is not the best I started capturing every moment of her life. Photography just sucked me in and I started photographing a special moments of other people.

The love and devotion of bride and groom on the wedding, the joy of mum to be on maternity photo session, the fun and trust in each other on the family session, the power and self esteem on portrait session.... I call it simply good vibe and I'll tell you - it's very addictive.

No matter why you need photos, are you a photo model or you believe camera does not love you, just tell me your story and I promise you, together we will create amazing photographs that you will treasure for ever.

I can make you shine brighter than ever before with a simple directions. Would you like that?

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